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I've had to resort to writing things out by hand, but I'm making progress on my writing again. I have a story due for Not Prime Time next week that I haven't started, but I do have new chapters for The Duck and the Jewel (Princess Tutu/Inuyasha crossover) and Dance of Fate (Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers AU) ready to be edited.

Signups are open for the PR Femslash Ficathon, so of course I'm going to sign up for that, too. Which means I'll have that, Hurt/Comfort Bingo, and the Summer Mini Challenge to work on this summer.

And I'm poking at a few other things in the background, though none of them is the next chapter for Consigned to Oblivion. Ah well. This is apparently what my muse wants to do instead.
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I may have squealed a bit yesterday... because [personal profile] paynesgrey sent me the finished artwork I commissioned from her! (Here's her commission info!)

This means that Coming Home now officially has cover art!

Delightful Jason/Trini (original MMPR) art under the cut )

Or you can click on over to the fic to see!
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For some reason I've recently recovered my motivation to work on Small Moments ([personal profile] farawayeyes4's comments on the first several chapters may have something to do with it)...

I've been slowly writing up the next chapter, which I overambitiously hope to finish and post today, and I also went through and gave the story a much-needed consistency edit on AO3. There weren't very many instances where I changed something that was written, mostly I just wanted to make sure I was spelling names consistently (Shippo vs. Shippou, etc.) and consistently using terms like youkai and taiji-ya more or less correctly. Apparently for several of the early Sango POV chapters I'd avoided using Miroku's name in the narrative entirely (using "Houshi-sama" instead), which just seemed silly in retrospect. If you have strong feelings about that one way or the other, let me know?

The original version of the first 50 chapters of the story is still on Fanfiction.Net. I honestly don't think I'm going to be updating the story there, if only because it would be so much extra work to edit all the chapters that need work. I won't rule it out entirely, but I would say it's unlikely.
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I'm not going to advertise this very widely just yet, but I've signed up to complete The Duck and the Jewel through [ profile] wipbigbang. If I can get my act together, we may finally see a conclusion to that story!


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