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Works in Progress

Consigned to Oblivion [T, Mir/San]
Fifty years after the death of its guardian, the Shikon no Tama reappears -- with dire consequences for those caught in its web.

The Duck and the Jewel [T, Inu/Kag, Mir/San, Fakir/Duck]
Crossing InuYasha with Princess Tutu. When the story of the Shikon no Tama goes hopelessly awry, there's only one man that can fix it. But meddling with a force that powerful is bound to have consequences...

Small Moments [T, Mir/San]
Their bond was formed on a great journey... and in the small moments along the way. A manga-flavored serial. Written using prompts from [ profile] iy_no_kakera

Chaptered Stories

Identity Crisis [M, Mir/San]
When Sango's confidence is shaken, she struggles to find her way back to being the woman she was. Complete.

Season of Sorrow [X, San & Mir]
Losing her family and her village was just the beginning. Darkfic. Complete.


Bits and Pieces [T, Mir/San]
Short stories focusing on Miroku and Sango.

Growing Up Taijiya [G, Mir/San]
Assorted ficlets about Miroku, Sango, and their children.

Spider's Bane [T, Nar & Kik]
Short stories focusing on Naraku and Kikyou.

Ficlets & One-Shots

As Daylight Dies [M, Mir/San]
After a demon-slaying mission almost goes wrong, Miroku and Sango reaffirm their bond.

Come Undone [T, Mir/San]
An unwelcome discovery and an unwilling acceptance. With the end looming near, Sango can do little more than watch the last vestiges of hope come undone around her... or she can make a stand in the name of future happiness.

Damage Control [T, Mir/San]
Sango feels guilty after hurting Miroku at the village of demon women and resolves to teach him how to defend himself... only sparring with him doesn't turn out quite the way she thought it would.

Fire and Ice [M, Mir/San]
After a snowstorm traps them in a cave for the night, Miroku has an idea to help pass the time. Sango makes him work for it, or tries to.

For Sango [K, Mir/San]
Miroku wants to do something special for Sango; Kagome is only too happy to oblige. There's nothing quite like a little bit of awkwardness...

Good Morning [X, Mir/San]
Sango and Miroku spend a night sharing a blanket, with predictable consequences.

Home [PG-ish, Mir/San]
Sango must make a difficult choice. A meandering little tale.

Laundry Day [G, Inu/Kik]
It's laundry day and Kikyou is in one hell of a mood. Pre-canon.

Nightmare [M, Mir/San]
Sango has a nightmare.

Noticeable Changes [M, Mir/San]
Miroku has noticed some changes in his wife lately.

Pieces [M, Mir/San]
Sango reflects on a choice. AU.

Shattered Strength [T, Mir/San]
An encounter with Kohaku leaves Sango feeling shattered, drifting in the dark.

Silvery Dark [T, San & Sess]
Sango is plagued by thoughts of Sesshomaru, and of revenge.

Stargazers [T, Mir/San]
Sequel to Written in the Stars, written for [ profile] bigbangbuffet. When Kagome goes missing under mysterious circumstances, her sister Kikyou turns to Sango to uncover what really happened. AU.

The War is Over [M, Mir/San]
After Naraku, Miroku and Sango realize how lucky they really were.

Written in the Stars [T, Mir/San]
Those touched by fate may see their paths written in the stars, but what of those with only a small role to play? A fateful decision changes Sango's life forever, leading her on the path of adventure and romance on the sidelines of a fairy tale. AU.

The Wrong Ending [M, Mir/San]
This was not the sort of ending any of them had hoped for, except perhaps Naraku.
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