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Works in Progress

MMPR - Cat and Mouse [M, Ensemble]
AU. When Katherine inexplicably reverts back to her evil ways and begins a horrifying game of cat-and-mouse with her perceived nemesis, Kimberly, it's up to the former Power Rangers to find out what happened and stop Kat before it's too late. (Warning: includes non-con.)

MMPR - Dance of Fate [T, Jason/Trini]
Set in the Divine Conspiracy universe. As life settles down after the events of A Divine Conspiracy, it's time for Trini to reclaim her own destiny. If only that were as easy as it sounds.

MMPR - The End of Days [M, Tommy-centric]
AU/Divergence. Tommy finds himself suddenly thrust into a post-apocalyptic world that he doesn't understand. Can he find a way to get home, or is he trapped forever?

MMPR - Numbered Days [T, Trini/OC, eventual Jason/Trini]
When Trini's fiance goes missing, she calls on an old friend to help her get to the bottom of things... but they quickly discover that all is not as it seems.

One-Shots and Completed Works

MMPR - Aftermath [K+, Jason & Trini]
Jason and Trini decompress after a battle nearly ends in disaster. Mild Jason/Trini.

MMPR - Afterthoughts [T, mild Scorpina/Adam]
Scorpina looks for a scapegoat, but finds something else. (Or, how Goldar's Vice Versa could have gone differently.)
Written for [personal profile] thesecondbatgirl for [community profile] rarepairfest.

MMPR - Before the Storm [T, Tommy/Kimberly]
AU. Kimberly Hart would rather learn sword fighting and archery than forge a marriage alliance for her family, but her father has other ideas for his only daughter. Too bad a young man named Tommy Oliver is about to turn both of their plans upside down...

MMPR - Coming Home [M, Jason/Trini]
It's been a long time since Trini went home to Angel Grove. Good thing her friends are patient. A story told in small pieces.

MMPR - The Curse of the Love Bug [K+, T/K, J/T]
When their friends start acting strangely, it's up to Trini and Kimberly to find out why... and put a stop to it before Rita's newest monster wreaks havoc on Angel Grove.

MMPR - A Divine Conspiracy [T, T/K, J/T]
AU. With the fate of a kingdom resting on her shoulders, Kimberly must choose the right man to be her husband and Champion, to wield the sacred Power of her bloodline... even if choosing the "right" man means breaking her heart.

Megaforce - Fearless [G, Gia/Emma]
People thought Gia wasn't afraid of anything, but they were wrong. Written for [ profile] Phantom for the 2013 PR Femslash Ficathon.

JF - Field Trip [G, Casey & RJ]
RJ and Casey take a day off. Written for [ profile] tptigger for Alpha's Magical Fic Exchange 2015.

MMPR - A Friend in Need [G, Jason & Trini]
Trini is stricken with a migraine, but luckily Jason is there to comfort her. Mild Jason/Trini.

JF - The Little Things [G, Fran-centric]
Everything had changed the day Fran walked through the door and into JKP. Written for [ profile] Rivulet027 for Yuletide 2014.

JF - Looking Back, Moving Forward [G, Camille-centric]
A lot had changed in ten thousand years, but Camille was nothing if not adaptable. Written for [ profile] Rivulet027 for Rare Women.

RPM - A New Start [G, Summer-centric]
The day Summer came to Corinth, she made a deal with the devil. Written for [ profile] Estirose for Alpha's Magical Fic Exchange 2012.

RPM - No Longer Alone [G, Dr K./Gemma]
K adjusts to having company in her lab. Written for [ profile] PockySquirrel for PR Femslash Ficathon 2014.

RPM - Not His Best Idea Ever [K, Scott/Summer]
The one where Scott and Summer pretend to be married to get the Landsdowns off her back. Written for [ profile] TheSecondBatgirl for the third annual shipswap exchange.

MMPR - On the Edge [MA, Trini/Kat]
AU. Their enemies were foolish to leave them alive. Kat and Trini regroup after a battle. (Because this fandom needs more femmeslash in space.)

MMPR - Part of the Team [K, Tommy-centric]
Post-Green with Evil. Tommy becomes part of the team. Written for [ profile] Tsukino_Akume for Power Ranger Day 2014.

MMPR - Playing with Fire [T, Aisha/Scorpina]
Aisha wants a fight. Scorpina wants something else. Written for [ profile] TheSecondBatgirl for the 2015 Power Rangers Femslash Ficathon.

MMPR - Putting It All on the Line [G, Aisha/Rocky/Adam]
Aisha has a very important question for Rocky and Adam. Excessively fluffy. Written for [ profile] TheSecondBatgirl for [community profile] holly_poly 2015.

MMPR/DT - Someone Else's Problem [K, Jason & Tommy]
He would never forget the day he found out about the island, the day they told him Tommy was dead. Written for [ profile] SailorSol for Alpha's Magical Fic Exchange 2013.

MMPR - Songs for You [K, Kim/Trini]
Underneath the pink paper, the label read simply Songs for You. Written for [ profile] rchan for the 2012 PR Femslash Ficathon.

Megaforce - A Stolen Moment [K, Gia/Emma]
Gia, Emma, and a beautiful view. Written for [ profile] PockySquirrel for the 2015 Power Rangers Femslash Ficathon.

MMPR - Team Effort [K, Hayley/Trini]
When Tommy calls in a favor, Trini is less than enthused. Then she meets Hayley. Written for [ profile] eirenical for the 2016 PR Femslash Ficathon.

MMPR - Tides of Time [K, Aisha-centric]
Everything has changed, but Aisha remembers. Written for [ profile] TheSecondBatgirl for Power Ranger Day 2013.

MMPR - Worth the Risk [K, Billy + Trini]
Being the brains of the operation takes its toll.


MMPR - Amaranthine [K, Trini/Kat]
Kat and Trini never met... but what if they had? Semi-related drabbles and ficlets. (Mild) Femslash.

MMPR - A Different Perspective [K+, Trini-centric]
The Power Rangers endure more than their fair share of bizarre and dangerous shenanigans; Trini is lucky enough to escape most of them, but what does she think of her friends' misadventures? A collection of one-shots.

MMPR - Forget-Me-Not [K+, Trini-centric]
Sometimes the people you thought would always be there... aren't. (Implied one-sided Trini/Billy.)

JF - Kindred Spirits [T, Camille/Lily]
A collection of might-have-beens focusing on Lily and Camille, and the relationship they might have had. Unrelated drabbles. (Mild) Femslash.

MMPR - A Leader's Burden [T, Jason & Trini]
He was their leader. The burdens of sacrifice and sorrow, victory and joy were his to bear... but not alone. Through thick and thin, she was always there, guiding him with quiet wisdom and understanding. Jason and Trini; unrelated ficlets.

Megaforce - Like It's a Bad Thing [T, Gia-centric]
A collection of drabbles and ficlets focusing on Gia.

MMPR - When Gifts Attack [K, Ensemble]
When Jason buys Trini something special for her birthday, things don't go as planned. A story told through ten ficlets.

Companion Pieces

MMPR - A Bid Farewell [M, Tommy/Kimberly]
Set in the Divine Conspiracy universe. In a "deleted scene" from between chapters 16 and 17, Kimberly tries her best to convince Tommy to stay.

MMPR - Food For Thought [T, Rocky-centric]
Set in the Divine Conspiracy universe. Rocky stumbles upon something he wasn't meant to see and winds up with some unexpected advice.

MMPR - Sweet Dreams [M, Jason/Scorpina]
Set in the Divine Conspiracy universe. As he is dying from Scorpina's "Sweet Dreams" poison, Jason has some rather... interesting hallucinations.


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