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Dear Yuletide Author,

First of all: thank you for writing for me! I can't wait to see what you come up with!

I'll list some general likes and dislikes I have first, and then my fandom specific stuff (though that will probably just be copied over from AO3).

Likes: Just about everything. I'm good with action, drama, angst, humor, darkfic. Sometimes romance, if it works with the canon or I specified a pairing or two that I like. I prefer the focus to be on plot. I like cheese and kitsch, world building, high fantasy and sci fi. If you've seen Power Rangers, it's a favorite thing of mine, largely because it's so ridiculous and cheesy.

As far as writing goes, I am okay with whatever POV you want to write from. First, third, it's fine with me. I'm warier of second, but if your idea demands it go for it. Past tense, present tense are fine. Future tense is also fine if you want to attempt that for some reason. Any rating is acceptable, from G to MA.

Happy ending? Great! Downer ending? Also great! Rocks fall, everyone dies? Probably also great, depending on the fandom!

Dislikes: I'm not really into heavy kinks or things like Alpha-Omega dynamics. I'd rather not receive a fic like that... but again, if your idea demands it, I can probably roll with it.

Fandom Specifics

Exiles - Melanie Rawn
Sarra Ambrai, Collan Rosvenir, Alin Ostin, Valirion Maurgen

These are my four favorite characters from this series. Anything you want to write about them will probably make me an exceedingly happy fan. I'm also pretty intensely curious about what would have happened had there been another wraithenbeast incursion... so if you want to try for a post-apocalyptic AU take on things where everyone (or at least someone) on my list survives to deal with the beasts, go for it!

Beyond that... I'd love to see more of Sarra and Collan clashing with each other or being obnoxiously romantic and/or good at what they do.

I have so many questions about Alin and Val. How did they meet? How did they become a couple? How did the politics and culture of Lenfell affect their relationship outside the insulation/protection provided by the Resistance? What were things like in the Resistance before Sarra? Before Cailet?

Spiritwalker Trilogy - Kate Elliott

Andevai Diarisso Haranwy, Catherine Bell Barahal, Beatrice Hassi Barahal

Anything you want to write for this series will probably make me very happy. I'd love to see things from Andevai or Bee's perspective during the events of the series, when we're stuck in Cat's headspace due to the books' POV. Or I'd love to hear about the adventures all three of them get into (alone or in some combination) after the series. I'm very curious about Andevai's past and how it affected the man he became, so anything about that would also be great, as would something pre-canon focusing on Cat and Bee's hi-jinks.

I'd also be totally fine with something more focused on world-building. I find the alternate history and systems of magic in this series fascinating, and an exploration of those things would make me very happy!

Belgariad/Malloreon Series - David & Leigh Eddings

Ce'Nedra, Silk, Polgara, Poledra

Where to even start? I love all these characters, and any extra adventures (or quieter, less adventurous moments) you want to write for them would make me very happy. I get a total kick out of Silk and Ce'Nedra, and a look into either of their heads or into their pasts (or potential futures) would be fabulous.

Polgara is just about everything I have ever wanted in a heroine. I would love to explore more of her past, her power, or her relationship with Durnik or her parents, or even her feelings about Garion as she raised him at Faldor's Farm. If there's ever been something, somewhere about her that you wanted to explore more... go for it!

The same goes for Poledra. I'd love to see things from her perspective, whether before, during, or after the canon.
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