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Title: The Duck and the Jewel
Author: Griddlebone/[personal profile] eggplantlady
Pairing: understated Duck/Fakir; mild, canon-compliant mentions of Miroku/Sango, Inuyasha/Kagome, and Inuyasha/Kikyou
Rating: T
Summary: Crossing InuYasha with Princess Tutu. When the story of the Shikon no Tama goes hopelessly awry, there's only one man that can fix it. But meddling with a force that powerful is bound to have consequences...
Warnings: crossover, ficlet collection
Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Notes: When I started this story, each chapter was written for [ profile] fanfic_bakeoff and thus was 300 words or less. The community is now defunct, but the 300-word limit on chapters remains.

Chapter Index
Chapter One: The Stranger
Chapter Two: The Old Well House
Chapter Three: The Legend
Chapter Four: The Odd Couple
Chapter Five: The Lost Duckling
Chapter Six: The Well's Power
Chapter Seven: Whispering Words
Chapter Eight: Disappointment
Chapter Nine: The Way
Chapter Ten: Darkness Falls
Chapter Eleven: The Least of Her Worries
Chapter Twelve: Lost and Found
Chapter Thirteen: Tangled Web
Chapter Fourteen: The Communication Problem
Chapter Fifteen: A New Day
Chapter Sixteen: The Other Side
Chapter Seventeen: The Search
Chapter Eighteen: The Capture
Chapter Nineteen: The Miko
Chapter Twenty: Worrisome News
Chapter Twenty-One: Kaede's Tale
Chapter Twenty-Two: In a Dream
Chapter Twenty-Three: InuYasha
Chapter Twenty-Four: On the Scent
Chapter Twenty-Five: Into a Trap
Chapter Twenty-Six: Wicked Webs
Chapter Twenty-Seven: Seeking Kagome
Chapter Twenty-Eight: A Tentative Alliance
Chapter Twenty-Nine: Introductions
Chapter Thirty: Strange Companions
Chapter Thirty-One: Reunited
Chapter Thirty-Two: Too Far to Turn Back
Chapter Thirty-Three: Parallel Tales
Chapter Thirty-Four: Sharing Stories
Chapter Thirty-Five: Tensions Rising
Chapter Thirty-Six: A Different Perspective
Chapter Thirty-Seven: The Wolf and the Girl
Chapter Thirty-Eight: Catching Up
Chapter Thirty-Nine: Shades of the Past
Chapter Forty: Falling Into Place
Chapter Forty-One: Parting Ways
Chapter Forty-Two: Tipping Point
Chapter Forty-Three: Dissent
Chapter Forty-Four: Possibilities
Chapter Forty-Five: Playing Catch-Up
Chapter Forty-Six: Onward to Mount Azusa
Chapter Forty-Seven: Climbing the Mountain
Chapter Forty-Eight: Lost in the Mist
Chapter Forty-Nine: Power Without Form (Coming Soon)
Chapter Fifty: Illusory Threat (Coming Soon)
Chapter Fifty-One: Kagome's Heart (Coming Soon)



[IYFG] Best Crossover, Second Place, 1st Term 2011
[IYFG] Best Crossover, First Place, 2nd Term 2011
[IYFG] Best Crossover of 2011
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