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Title: Small Moments
Author: Griddlebone/[personal profile] eggplantlady
Pairing: (eventual) Miroku/Sango, mentions of Inuyasha/Kagome
Rating: T
Summary: Their bond was formed on a great journey... and in the small moments along the way. A manga-flavored serial.
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Chapter Index
Chapter One: A Meeting of Necessity
Chapter Two: Houshi-sama
Chapter Three: A Kind Gesture
Chapter Four: Consigned to Memory
Chapter Five: A History Lesson
Chapter Six: A New Chapter
Chapter Seven: On the Road
Chapter Eight: Shady Situation
Chapter Nine: A Child's Deception
Chapter Ten: Into the Water
Chapter Eleven: Waterlogged
Chapter Twelve: Misplaced Trust
Chapter Thirteen: Regrouping
Chapter Fourteen: Into the Fray
Chapter Fifteen: The Spoils
Chapter Sixteen: Wandering
Chapter Seventeen: Making Amends
Chapter Eighteen: Unasked Questions
Chapter Nineteen: The Monk's Misadventure
Chapter Twenty: Up to No Good
Chapter Twenty-One: Deceiver
Chapter Twenty-Two: Wakeful Night
Chapter Twenty-Three: Dark Thoughts
Chapter Twenty-Four: Gone Missing
Chapter Twenty-Five: Tricks and Traps
Chapter Twenty-Six: Finding Miroku
Chapter Twenty-Seven: Together Again
Chapter Twenty-Eight: Miroku's Fate
Chapter Twenty-Nine: Respite
Chapter Thirty: Scars of the Past
Chapter Thirty-One: Foreseen Consequences
Chapter Thirty-Two: Nighttime Thoughts
Chapter Thirty-Three: A New Day
Chapter Thirty-Four: Recognition
Chapter Thirty-Five: Trick or Trap
Chapter Thirty-Six: On the Precipice
Chapter Thirty-Seven: Kohaku
Chapter Thirty-Eight: Loyalty Tested
Chapter Thirty-Nine: A Shared Vigil
Chapter Forty: Sango's Choice
Chapter Forty-One: Betrayal
Chapter Forty-Two: Siblings Reunited
Chapter Forty-Three: Miasma
Chapter Forty-Four: Delirium
Chapter Forty-Five: A Small Victory
Chapter Forty-Six: Dressing Wounds
Chapter Forty-Seven: A Cure for Kirara
Chapter Forty-Eight: Lingering Distrust
Chapter Forty-Nine: Telling Tales
Chapter Fifty: On the Mend
Chapter Fifty-One: Healing Herbs
Chapter Fifty-Two: Kirara's Recovery
Chapter Fifty-Three: Wishful Thinking
Chapter Fifty-Four (Coming Soon)


[mirsan_fics] Heart, Second Place (for the chapter Misplaced Trust)

[EK] Best Character Portrayal: Miroku, Third Place, January 2010 (for the original version of the chapter A Meeting of Necessity)

[IYFG] Best Canon, Third Place, 2nd Quarter 2010
[IYFG] Best Canon, First Place, 4th Quarter 2010 (no banner)

[FA] Best Drama Fiction, Second Place, March 2013 (for the chapter Nighttime Thoughts)
[FA] Best Characterization (for Sango), First Place, April 2015 (for the chapter Loyalty Tested)


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