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Title: Small Moments
Author: Griddlebone/[personal profile] eggplantlady
Pairing: (eventual) Miroku/Sango, mentions of Inuyasha/Kagome
Rating: T
Summary: Their bond was formed on a great journey... and in the small moments along the way. A manga-flavored serial.
Warnings: none
Disclaimer: I own nothing.

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[mirsan_fics] Heart, Second Place (for the chapter Misplaced Trust)

[EK] Best Character Portrayal: Miroku, Third Place, January 2010 (for the original version of the chapter A Meeting of Necessity)

[IYFG] Best Canon, Third Place, 2nd Quarter 2010
[IYFG] Best Canon, First Place, 4th Quarter 2010 (no banner)

[FA] Best Drama Fiction, Second Place, March 2013 (for the chapter Nighttime Thoughts)
[FA] Best Characterization (for Sango), First Place, April 2015 (for the chapter Loyalty Tested)
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Fabulous banner art by [ profile] demihime.

Eternal is a crossover story blending the world of Aion with the characters of InuYasha. It's told in bits and pieces, whenever I find the time or inspiration to add to the storyline. The pieces don't always fit exactly together, but eventually they will form a whole.

I will post links to each installment here, and arrange them as best I can into chronological order. For clarity's sake, the newest piece will be marked with a *.

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IYFG - 1st Quarter 2010 - Best Crossover - First Place
IYFG - 3rd Quarter 2010 - Best Crossover - Second Place

[IYFG] Best Multi-Chaptered Fic, Second Place, 1st Term 2011 (no banner)
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Title: Dark Wings
Author: Griddlebone ([personal profile] eggplantlady)
Word Count: 1800
Rating: T
Summary: The new team faces off against an Asmodian.
Warnings: Crossover (InuYasha/Aion)
Notes: Part of Eternal.

Dark Wings )
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Title: Forget Me Not
Author: Griddlebone/[personal profile] eggplantlady
Pairing: (implied/unrequited) Billy/Trini
Rating: G
Summary: Sometimes the people you thought would always be there... aren't.
Warnings: post-canon
Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Forget Me Not )